Supporting IPS is part of being a good neighbor

image002From tutoring students to purchasing supplies and donating money and supplies to IPS schools, the Broad Ripple Kiwanis Club is one of IPS’ greatest champions.

The Club as a whole focuses on improving the lives of children, and the Broad Ripple club has honed in on partnering with IPS schools, specifically Rousseau McClellan School 91, Eliza A. Baker School 55 and Broad Ripple High School.

“We’re uniquely positioned because we’re small, nimble organization. We can get people on the ground that are involved at the schools and back that up with dollars, which is how we can begin to make a difference quickly,” says club president Kyle Sanders.

The Club is supportive of these schools through raising and donating funds, donating materials, serving as tutors, and acting as advocates for IPS students. The Kiwanis Club has also taken a special interest in funding projects through the IPS Education Foundation.

Technology, a primary focus of the IPSEF, is also a focus for the Broad Ripple club. The club has funded IPS robotics clubs and science-oriented programs. Sanders also said that the club is actively pursuing more funding to make more projects come to fruition and make more of an impact.

“Our job is to break down the barriers so that all kids have access to the technology and tools they need to be successful,” says Sanders. “When we bring home bigger dollars, we can make even more of an impact.”


Overall, the club is focused on supporting IPS because they believe that their support of their local schools will help improve their community as a whole.

“I love Broad Ripple, the community, the neighborhood, and one of the things that keeps your neighborhood vibrant is good schools,” said volunteer Marianne Beck. “I saw a need and thought, ‘What can I do to get people involved in helping?’ When we make our local schools better, our neighborhood is better and everybody benefits.”