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The Indianapolis Public Schools Education Foundation (IPSEF) seeks to secure and deploy resources to support Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) students, teachers and administrators across the District. IPSEF ensures alignment with IPS strategies and programs in seeking major gifts.

The partnership has evolved since the founding of IPSEF in 1984 as the District has transformed from a directive and controlling central office to a supportive and empowering central services organization. While IPS has sought to direct more resources to school and classrooms, the District has seen funding from federal, state and local sources decrease precipitously.  IPSEF partners with IPS to provide philanthropic capital to close these gaps and to fulfill the District’s mission.

As a mission-driven development organization, IPSEF brings fundraising expertise and capacity, thus allowing District administrators to focus on their core business — leadership in support of excellent teaching and learning.

IPSEF utilizes three primary pathways of partnership with the District. This includes:

  • Micro Grant Program– IPS teachers, school leaders and central services staff apply to IPSEF for micro grants to support various projects including special programs, supplies, uniforms, field trips, and other unique opportunities. IPSEF’s Grants Committee reviews these applications on a rolling basis.
  • District-wide events and programs- IPSEF secures sponsorships and in-kind contributions supporting events to recognize and celebrate district students, teachers, and school leaders.
  • District-wide grants- IPSEF partners with IPS leadership who as the subject matter experts to develop proposals for major gifts, administers awarded grant funding, and stewards partnerships with granting organizations to support the District priorities outlined below.


IPSEF collaborates closely with IPS leadership, teachers and staff to ensure that development activities align with IPS strategic priorities.  IPSEF seeks to generate revenue that allows the district to improve organizational effectiveness, drive academic innovation, and invest in talented educators.  IPSEF seeks partnership with individual, community, corporate and philanthropic partners to provide resources for:

  1. The District’s 3E’s Post-Secondary Readiness Strategy: the goal of this strategy is that 100% of IPS students will graduate on time and prepared to be Enrolled in a two or four-year college or university, Employed at a livable wage, or intentionally Enlisted in the armed services.
  2. The development and implementation of  programs designed to attract, retain, and empower educator talent (including support for novice teachers, teacher leaders, principals, and central services staff).
  3. Initiatives to improve organizational effectiveness through implementation of innovative technology, professional development on management best-practices, and systems to promote data-driven decision making.



The Indianapolis Public Schools Education Foundation is an independent public charity recognized as tax-exempt by the IRS under section 501(c)(3).

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