IPSEF and DonorsChoose.org – making a huge impact

The school year has just started in IPS, and classrooms and teachers are getting ready to prepare students for their futures; however, teachers do not always have the access to the tools they need or want to fulfill every project, or even to complete basic classroom activities.

That’s where DonorsChoose.org and the IPS Education Foundation come in. Through DonorsChoose.org, teachers can submit individual projects they would like fulfilled for their classrooms, and so individual donors can contribute to these projects. The IPSEF helps fulfill many individual teachers’ DonorsChoose.org projects through matching grants, which help individual donor dollars go farther, in turn fulfilling more projects. In the 2013-14 school year, IPSEF matching grants supported 350 IPS teachers in 64 different schools.

With their support of teacher projects, the IPSEF is the largest donor to DonorsChoose.org projects in IPS, and one of the biggest donors to DonorsChoose.org in the country.

We’ve featured several DonorsChoose.org projects on the IPSEF blog over the past few months, like the World Drumming Ensemble at Rousseau McClellan School 91, a Cooking Club at Frederick Douglass School 19 and providing new copies of books at Arlington Woods School 99. These are just a few of the great projects that IPS classrooms have benefitted as a result of donations from DonorsChoose.org and the IPS Education Foundation.

“Supporting DonorsChoose.org projects is so important to the Foundation because it the projects they’re passionate about by bringing new, fun, and innovative learning experiences their students,” allows us to come alongside teachers and support says Interim Executive Director Elana Thompson.

The IPS Education Foundation is looking forward to a new school year of supporting the innovative teachers and inspiring projects they bring to DonorsChoose.org. Keep watching our blog as we bring you more posts highlighting the work of DonorsChoose.org and how we’re supporting IPS students and classrooms. You can view some IPS DonorsChoose.org projects here.