Sponsors drive event success, classroom impact

The IPS Education Foundation not only supports students as members of the school district, but we continue celebrate them after graduation. Each year, we induct new members to the IPS Hall of Fame.

This celebration honors IPS alumni who inspire current students and future graduates to reach for the stars. This year’s class of inductees will be honored at a luncheon celebration October 1.

This event, and everything we do, is made possible by the support of our greater community.  Several of our sponsors took time to tell us why they feel so strongly about supporting IPS and the Hall of Fame.

A company we all know, Eli Lilly and Company, has an interest in ensuring a bright future for the community and a great interest in the success of the district. Senior director of corporate responsibility and president of the Eli Lilly and Company Foundation Robert L. Smith says, “We have been long-time supporters of the children attending IPS schools, largely through the volunteer work of our many employees, who serve as tutors, mentors and science coaches. We are committed to helping all of the children in our community obtain access to excellent educational opportunities.  We are pleased to provide financial support for the IPS Hall of Fame event, which raises funds for the work of the IPS Education Foundation.”

Local business owner Debra Kunce has been a longtime volunteer and supporter of IPS as well. This year, she launched CORE Planning Strategies and says her business is sponsoring the Hall of Fame luncheon “to ensure the underserved children of our city have an opportunity to celebrate role models who came before them at IPS.”

Two higher education institutions, the University of Indianapolis and Harrison College, have chosen to support the Hall of Fame as well because of their belief in the power of education and how the Foundation is able to empower students.

Kathy Moran, dean of the School of Education at the University of Indianapolis says, “We have supported the Hall of Fame program since its inception. The University of Indianapolis is proud to be sponsoring a table and joining the celebration of IPS alumni and programs. Sharing the name of the city, we recognize how critical it is to support K-12 education and the future of our children and our community.”

Harrison College is in their second year of supporting the Hall of Fame and is a great supporter of the district. Provost and Chief Academic Officer Dennis Trinkle is passionate about the importance of a strong school district in the city. He quotes former Indianapolis Mayor Bill Hudnut when talking about the importance of a strong school district.

“[Hudnut] used to say of the relationship between central Indianapolis and the suburbs that you cannot have a suburb of nowhere. The same close relationship exists between cities and local schools.  You cannot have a strong city without a strong local school system.”

Trinkle sums it up best when he says, “A strong school system is something you build and reinforce every day, just like a community.  Our support of the Hall of Fame is just one of the many ways that we support IPS.  Nothing trumpets the successes of a school system than the accomplishments and successes of their graduates.  We know that together we can build a bright future for the youth in our community, and we can build a bright future for our city.”

There are still opportunities to sponsor or attend the Hall of Fame luncheon and support the IPS Education Foundation. Visit our website for more information or to buy tickets.