In thanksgiving for our supporters


Zoë at the Hall of Fame Luncheon podium

In this season of Thanksgiving, we want to share with you the words of Zoë Snow, a senior at IPS Broad Ripple Magnet High School.

Zoë was a featured speaker at the 2013 IPS Hall of Fame Luncheon, and we believe her words most aptly describe why we are so deeply thankful for everyone who support our mission.

Education Foundation Donations Make Dreams Come True
by Zoë Snow, as read at the 2013 IPS Hall of Fame Luncheon

My name is Zoë Snow, and I’m a senior at Broad Ripple Magnet High School for Arts and Humanities. Of all the high schools in Indianapolis, I chose Broad Ripple because of its unique curriculum and the many opportunities it offers.

I’m able to be the captain of the Brain Game team, and I’m on the golf team. I want to be a history and political science major in college, but I won the 2013 Edward Kassig award for math and science. I’m Phi Beta Kappa’s outstanding junior—and I’m a yoga teacher. How’s that for a well-rounded education?

You’ve heard the saying the best things in life are free. And they are. Friendship, courage, freedom, integrity –you can’t buy those with money. But many of those things come into our lives thanks to a great education, and we know that operating schools costs money. Public tax dollars are appreciated, but they don’t cover everything.

I urge you to contribute to the IPS Education Foundation. When you give to the IPS Education Foundation:

You fund classroom technology to help level the playing field for IPS students.

You match Donor’s Choose grants so creative teachers –like my teachers at Broad Ripple – can carry out special projects to inspire their students.

You facilitate scholarships, field trips and many other support services for students throughout the district – from preschool through high school.

Last year [2012], the IPS Education Foundation helped direct $181,000 into the classroom through various programs and matched $70,000 of projects, resulting in another $140,000 worth of classroom supplies.

Most importantly, you are making dreams come true for students like me. I plan to reach for the stars, graduating top of my class and attending University of Michigan or Indiana University next year. I know that the IPS Education Foundation believes in me and all of my fellow IPS students.

Gifts to the IPS Education Foundation help ensure that students have the resources to succeed. Thank you for your support!