Classroom technology for a brighter Indianapolis

Every classroom is different.

They take on the distinct personalities of their teachers and reflect the assets of their home school districts.

But research and expert analysis, including a 2012 policy report from ACT, reveal that some specific ingredients should be present in every classroom to produce higher academic achievement by students.

One of those ingredients is computer technology.

According to ACT, the integration of computers with traditional instruction improves student performance when compared to traditional instruction alone.

“Engaging classrooms do more than teach the standards,” says Doran Moreland, IPS Education Foundation board member. “Whenever teKids Computersachers can combine traditional classwork with alternative approaches, it’s more likely they’ll get through to students who may otherwise get lost in the system.”

Doran would know.

He considers himself a non-traditional learner, who excelled when his teachers stepped from behind their desks to engage the class with new technologies and teaching tools.

“I believe it’s the same benefit to students now as it was then—just with new, cooler technology,” says Doran.

This is why Doran and our other board members passionately advocate for our Technology in Teaching initiative, which aims to give all IPS students access to new technologies.

It’s about the pursuit of the highest-quality learning environments possible.

“Our plan to bring technology suites to IPS classrooms may sound superficial to some, but there is a deeper purpose,” Doran says. “The research and my own personal experiences show that technology is vital in keeping IPS students competitive among their peers in central Indiana—whether that’s in the classroom or in the workplace later in life.

“It’s about taking advantage of every available resource to make education fun and enjoyable for every student,” Doran says. “Quality education is essential for a high-quality life. This is why the IPS Education Foundation aims to provide our students with access to the best tools and experiences available.”