Board Member Spotlight: Treasurer Aaron Bradshaw

The IPS Education Foundation needs board members that handle many different functions. Supporting the financial side of the Foundation as board treasurer is Aaron Bradshaw. A board member for two years, he is currently state and local tax manager for AES Corporation (parent company of Indianapolis Power and Light), and his wife has been a reading specialist and classroom teacher in IPS for 14 years.

In his role as treasurer, Bradshaw handles much of the financial work of the Foundation, including making some of the decisions about how donor money is spent.  One of the projects he speaks most passionately about with donor money being used is IPSEF’s efforts to get technology in schools.

“I find a lot of people are more on board with public education than what gets put out in the media,” he says. “We’re politically neutral. We’re just here to support school system regardless of its shape or form. I just want to see kids succeed in life.”

According to Bradshaw, this initiative was vital for students in IPS schools, and he feels strongly about the good work they have done in bringing these tools into classrooms where students get to interact with them daily.

Bradshaw also wants the public to know how necessary the Foundation is to IPS schools. There are many needs in the buildings themselves and in classrooms that would not be supported without the Foundation’s help.

“I think for anyone that’s interested in wondering why the Foundation is necessary should go to a school and check things out and see some of the conditions these schools are in,” he says. “Some of these buildings are 100 years old or older, and while they are beautiful and historic, it can take a lot of money to keep them updated.”

Between his wife’s work as a teacher in IPS and his involvement with the board, Bradshaw is invested in the success of IPS students for a brighter future for Indianapolis.



Aaron BradshawAaron Bradshaw is the state and local tax manager for AES Corporation (parent company of Indianapolis Power and Light) in Indianapolis. He has previously worked at Harlan Laboratories, Cummins and the Indiana Department of Revenue. He graduated from Indiana University- Bloomington with degrees in law and accounting and has a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy from Purdue University. Aaron’s wife, Katie, is a teacher at IPS School 46 Daniel Webster Academy.