Board Member Spotlight – Laura Feeney

Laura Feeney has been on the board of the IPS Education Foundation for over four years. She is currently Vice President of Central and Southern Indiana at Teachers Credit Union, so she has a good understanding of what IPS teachers need to be successful in their classroom and how hard teachers work to provide for their students.

Feeney says, “IPS has been a really good partner with TCU. Being in the schools, I have developed an understanding and appreciation for all the challenges they face on a daily basis.”

Feeney has had a front row seat to seeing the challenges teachers face as far as funding and how these challenges have increased in recent years.  Feeney says, “Given these challenges I am happy that the Foundation can help fill some of the funding void for teachers.”

Like many board members, Feeney has been really excited about the funds IPSEF gives to projects and how the Foundation has been able to empower teachers to help the Foundation’s money go farther and meet their classroom needs. She is also inspired by the Foundation’s partnership with the Monumental Marathon and calls being a receiver of funds from the Marathon “humbling.” She also explains how the Marathon’s growth has been able to help the Foundation grow as well. Feeney has been chair of the IPSEF board’s water station at the Marathon for the past three years and says it’s always enjoyable to see board members in a more relaxed setting.

Feeney supports the IPS Education Foundation because she is a believer in public education and community involvement in public schools, not just to give students a better future, but to create stronger cities and communities as well.

“I think it’s so important for people to be involved and know the challenges in public schools. We need public education to grow our cities and keep our cities strong. If we do a better job educating our kids and making opportunities for them, our cities and communities are going to be better, too.”

Ultimately, Feeney’s position with TCU gives her a view of the challenges teachers face but also of how vital the financial assistance is that IPSEF provides to teachers.

“We’re just one small entity trying to make a difference in student success and graduation rates, which will ultimately improve our communities,” she says.

Laura FeeneyLaura Feeney has been with the Teachers Credit Union since 2001 and is vice president of the Central Indiana division. A former vice president at US Bank, she has 27 years of experience in the financial services industry. Laura is a volunteer with Dress for Success and former chair of the Downtown Kiwanis Partners in Education Committee.