Board Member Spotlight: Billie Breaux

Marion County Auditor Billie Breaux is dedicated to the success of IPS students. An IPSEF board member, she is passionate about ensuring a better future for the next generation of Indianapolis students.

Before being elected to the Indiana State Senate, Breaux spent over thirty years as an IPS teacher, teaching primarily second grade at several schools. She taught at School 27 when the Chess Team won the national championship and got to visit the White House. Breaux has also served as president of the Indianapolis Education Association, vice president of the Indiana State Teachers Association and is a community activist in Indianapolis.

Breaux brings her professional expertise and passion for Indianapolis students to her role as board member for the IPS Education Foundation. She is enthusiastic about the many positive programs and educational opportunities that exist for students, which the general public doesn’t always know about. While talking about the role of the IPS Education Foundation, she feels that the support for the staff and students in IPS is of the utmost importance.

“The support given to students, teachers and staff is critically important,” she says. “I always felt that IPS got a ‘bad rap’ in the news. In many instances they were far ahead of other school systems with respect to curriculum and special programs.”

As a board member, Breaux says she has enjoyed visits to IPS schools and working at the Monumental Marathon. IPSEF board members man one of the water stations at the marathon where they enjoy each other’s company and encouraging the runners supporting Indianapolis Public Schools.

Breaux is dedicated to building a brighter future for Indianapolis as a city and for IPS students.

Billie Breaux Head ShotBillie Breaux is the Auditor of Marion County and has dedicated her life to ensuring a better future for the next generation of Hoosiers. Breaux spent 27 years teaching in IPS before being elected to the Indiana State Senate in 1990. Breaux is also a community activist.