A look the 2013 IPS Hall of Fame luncheon

2013 IPS Hall of Fame honorees

2013 IPS Hall of Fame honorees

An IPS education offers opportunities students may not have elsewhere. At this year’s IPS Hall of Fame luncheon, several IPS alumni talked about the special opportunities they received from IPS and how they were able to turn this into future success.

Current IPS students also attended the event, like Elijah Stevenson, a senior at Arsenal Technical High School. He was recommended by his guidance counselor to attend.

“It was great to hear all the positives of attending IPS, rather than just the negatives you sometimes hear,” he said. “I’ve had different opportunities attending IPS than I would have elsewhere, like going to the University of Indianapolis for some classes.”

Community leaders and organizations came together to celebrate the great work of IPS graduates and support the current work of the IPS Education Foundation to set more students up for success, which became particularly clear in a video explaining the Technology in Teaching initiative. The event also raised $100,000 for students in IPS classrooms.

ipshofFrom a U.S.S. Indianapolis survivor to a Sagamore on the Wabash honoree, a distinguished entrepreneur, a publishing maven and a Black Enterprise Magazine Company of the Year business owner, this year’s honorees represented an amazing set of accomplishments.

You can read more about these exceptional IPS alumni here. Each honoree was given a video tribute to their accomplishments and spoke about how their IPS education was influential.

Overall, the luncheon reinforced that IPS students are ready and willing to reach for the stars and with the support of their community, alumni and organizations like the IPS Education Foundation, they will have the tools they need to be successful.

Below, you can view a Foundation feature video that premiered at the luncheon.